Position Last First
Skipper Peters Albrecht
Navigator Melton Ron
Crew Peters Erika
Crew Beech Chris

SASHA is a near sister ship to the legendary "Morning Cloud" owned by Sir Edward Heath, originally ordered by Sir Maurice Laing, the "sailing teacher" to Edward Heath) from the boards of Sparkman + Stephens. Under young IOR -rule the design decision was made to extreme short rigged with heavy ballast type of Admiral Cupper. As long as IOR existed SASHA was only fast and nearly unbeatable under rough or severe weather condition. We - "The young Peters" - had to learn over the years to handle this heavy boat in races. Starting to race SASHA in 1980 with being always the last (but the nicest) it took nearly 10 years get the feeling how to sail and race this crazy boat.

Since IMS with the beginning of the 1990s SASHA turned into a very competitive racing boat. Rating together with our experience to sail this design makes it able to win at least 40% of all ever since participated races, inshore triangles, inshore up and downs, but especially in offshore distance races "SASHA" has finished since 1993 always within one of the first 3 places in group, sometimes 1st over all.

In 1977 SASHA was totally wrecked on the sands and beach on the North Sea in Denmark.

It turned into a big restoration project for 24 month (before anyone thought about restoration...) with relaunching in late 1979. Everything in close connection to Olin Stephens (at that time mail and Telex).

Mixture of sailing in summer and upgrading during winter since these days is program to keep SASHA and in absolute best condition.

Boat Statistics

Designer Sparkman & Stephens, Design No 1988 from 1969/70
Builder Claire Lallow, Cowes Isle of Wight, England for a prominent member of the RYS
Year Built 1970
Rig Sloop
LOA 42’

Some examples of good racing results :

1985 Round Skagen Race (650 nm) under IOR : 1st in class
1993 Helgoland to Edinburgh Race (450 nm) : 1st in class and 1 over all
2001 Noth Sea Series (35 - 60 nm) : all 5 races first in class, two races 1st over all.
2005 Visby Gotland to Stockholm Race (110 nm): 1st in class and 1st over all.
2009 North Sea Series (only double handed), one race : 2nd in class
2009 Helgoland to Edinburgh (450 nm) : 1st in class an 1st over all

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