According to Boat Captain Tom Dawson , “Cotton kills you offshore!”.
Tom told last nights crew meeting, “During the Round Britain and Ireland race last summer my cotton boxers absorbed water , stayed wet, cold and rubbed my - - - raw. A real killer . Never again”.
It was, “happy times” then when Ned handed out our new offshore sailing kit. Supplied by our clothing partners Musto, the 3 - layer system is specifically designed to keep you warm, dry and on top of your game what ever the weather. This is really important as our predicted course currently takes us close to iceberg territory.
Tom said , “As long as my butt is dry I don’t mind passing time with polar bears and the only penguin I have ever seen was in London Zoo. So chance for another first there!”
Talk turned to which crew member would benefit most from our new kits performance.
Who needed the, large muscle support, organ protection and anti-odour technology the most?
It was decided to leave that question until we crossed the finishing line off the Lizard in a couple of weeks from now.
Team Concise
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