> Position at 1630 Z today Thursday: 41deg 32 N, 59 deg 29 W (about 340 NM
> south of the western corner of Newfoundland). 183 NM logged in the last 24 hrs.
> At long last the wind is up (17 kts) and we're flying along at 9+ kts with
> the big blue spinnaker set, the sun's out and the crew have an hour less on
> deck today - not quite true, but we did advance our watches an hour since we
> crossed a time zone.
> James Kayll and his 3 fellow rowers must be close to the end of their 70-odd
> day paddle across the Indian Ocean. Good luck for the remainder of the
> voyage James, if you've not gone mad yet. We hope to complete this trip in
> under a third of that time - or go nuts ourselves.
> Otherwise all's well. Thanks for the Wimbledon news....all the players
> sound Polish, although someone on board did pretend to know who was who.
> Update Thursday 1900Z:
> Wind got up to 26 kts and shifted 25 degrees to the W. Small
> matter of a Chinese gybe - Rich Hall's first, and for most others on the
> crew. Martin Livingston was trimming the kite, up to his waist in the salty
> stuff and the skipper was ejected from his bunk. All recovered without
> damage and now running under the small heavy kite. Still managed 11 kts
> though. This breeze could be in for a while yet... A learning day :-)
> Friday 1100 Z. 42deg 53 N, 56deg 23 W - about 150 NM south of the island of
> Newfoundland.
> It was a long night - the wind died, swung to WNW and gave us a
> left-over sea and thick fog again - very testing. But this morning the fog
> has lifted and we're running along at 8 kts towards the NE. The off-watch
> are sleeping well!
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