Team Prodigy skippered by Christ Frost is currently sailing under A1 with watch captain Sean at the helm, trying to make up some ground on our competitors after a difficult night of light air sailing. Last minute crew changes and electronics issues made the first three days challenging, however the crew has settled into four hour watches and we are now in full on race mode. Watch captains Sean and John are doing great job with running the boat safely and efficiently.

Packam made great porridge and hot drinks for everybody this morning. Having a hot meal after cold difficult night lifted the spirits aboard. We are eating a lot of fruit and saving freeze dried food for more challenging times.

We have some sunlight after many hours of fog. Keeping a close eye on AIS proved to be invaluable last night during a close encounter with a shipping vessel. Hearing the fog horn and engine of another boat in thick fog was an eerie experience despite knowing that the vessel passed safely two miles behind us.

Not counting the miles lost last night in a patch of light air, the list of losses is short: one head lamp and one winch handle. Prodigy and her crew are in good shape, ready to put some pressure on the competition in this long race.

Reporting for Team Prodigy,
V-man (Vlastimil Kunc)

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