Great sailing so far aboard Rambler 100 as the rest of you (in the US that is) celebrate the 4th of July.  By our calculations we did a 463,8 mile 24 hour run from start to 1400 today -  that's a 19.3 knot average!    Great sailing for sure.  We've had basically the same sail combination up since turning the corner at Nantucket.. (kind of stressful for the navigator given the Nantucket Shoals reputation as a ship graveyard and my first time through it... I had conferred with a local fisherman before the start to get my comfort level up and luckily the charts were pretty much spot on ...) 

Next up on the trans-Atlantic tour is passing a very remote island - Sable island - south of Halifax .  its so long and narrow (16mi x 1mi) that it looks like a sliver on the chart.   We should see some pretty big natural gas drilling platforms in a couple of hours - plus a long low - remote island.

Here's some pics to enjoy. (click to enlarge)

Peter Isler




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