Well it has been a fast 24 hours and in the last poll of the yachts we were the fastest on the track taking time out of everyone including Rambler 100 and 10 miles of Puma – I guess our biggest surprise is how quick the new Puma is compared to older generation VOR 70’s – they are incredibly fast off the wind and we are hoping to reel them in over the next few days of beam reaching where our water line length comes into play. As for R100, well they are just that chunk quicker as soon as we are all fully canted which we have been since the beginning – as I said before the race it is a matter of physics, less weight and more righting moment means more speed –fullstop!!

Back to us – we are all in good spirits and getting good bang for our buck sailing at around 20 knots of boat speed in flat water with a bit of drizzle just setting in – it has been an unbelievable first few days with the water being so flat – brilliant sailing conditions. This time last race at this point we were battling 40 knot head winds so we won’t complain.

Have a good day

Chris Sherlock

Boat capt.
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