Life onboard Concise 2 - with 6 grown men living in a 6 foot box, you become familiar with each other pretty quickly!

We have one small ‘dental pouch’ that has all the brushes stuffed in brush on brush – plaque exchange! Like most teams we are ‘hot bunking’ in a rotational watch system, the same person gets out of the sleeping bag before you get in, best you can hope for is that he got in dry! Even with everyone’s best efforts the bag will begin to smell like a wet dog along with the person in it!

As we get into our routine and used to sleeping patterns we have become in sync like a male nunnery, in such that we all need the toilet at the same time - 8am sharp! Getting back to basics, the offshore sailor live a simple life with only sailing, sleep, food and hygiene to worry about and in that order!

A strict code of male banter, mum jokes and put downs means that morale stays high and everyone in check. Rock, paper, scissors becomes judge and jury when deciding who gets any extra food or onto the bucket first.

Wonder what the banter is like on Jazz? Bet their ‘Chat Nav’ is way off!

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