As I am sitting on the laptop the boat lifts out of a wave.... check the
speedo.. 22...24...25,8...29,1. That is what we came for. VARUNA is a
live and the boys are loving it.

Since last night 1130 UTC we are in heavy weather downwind sailing
directly on the rhumbline. Everybody on deck, just the helmsmen sleep
every hour to be able to drive our grey lady with the concentration she
needs. The boys are working hard to keep up the speed. A great team effort.

In the early morning hours suddenly a vessel appeared on AIS. Slower
then us on the same course. Kite down for safety reasons and a few hours
of Jip Top and staysail.

Now back on track with A5 doing the above mentioned speeds. On deck
silence...just interrupted by the helmsmen's calls...ease sheet...trim
on. Under deck it is nice and cosy a bit shaky but fine. On deck it's
warm but extremly wet. VARUNA cuts trough the waves, the bow lifts out
of the water... trim on... and the downhill ride begins. VARUNA gets
lifted out of the water until the mast, catches the next wave and
repeats it.

Extremly nice sailing conditions which make us approach THE LIZARD fast.

By the way: First half of the race is over, counting down since
yesterday. We will have a small party and a real highlight when we have
smoother conditions.

As you can see, boat and crew in a perfect mood.

I need sleep...
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