On the tracker it looks like we are all converging. Who knows, we may even have that "grey poupon" moment with our friends on Carina. (I heard they ran out of mustard a few days ago - I'm sure when they were ripping up the course there was little reason to conserve that precious commodity). The tracker updates remain a steady source of interest as we check it out each half hour to see what progress is being made. We have finally gotten ahead of Zaraffa on a distance to finish basis - this seemed to take an incredibly long time as she has sailed a consistently strong race.

The fog has lifted today, but all is still grey and misty as the sun remains elusive. Hopefully it will break through today. We have been on starboard for so long now that everyone is conditioned to this heel - when we finally do gybe over I am sure more than a few things will go flying. Some with berths on the port side have asked for fair notice of the gybe so they can get in one last easy shower! Others will have the trade off of losing the washing machine effect in their port holes to relying on lee cloths when they sleep.

Looks like Sean is taking photos today, so stand by for some pictures later on.

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