Current position: 46 degrees 18.182N 28 degrees 15.452W 17.3 Knots @ 131 degrees, 942 nautical miles to go

"..... Today we find ourselves still leading the fleet, just, with the big dogs right on our wake and the big bird on our stb flank waiting to pounce. The bird has found its
weather and is sailing fast.

On the subject of weather we have a bit on, 25 - 30 with a confused seas, making Phaedo a bit tricky to steer, yet we still managed 17 knots average for the last 12 hours.

Looking to gybe in the next few hours and start heading for home.

All the while, we expect the bird to appear out the mist... and the Rambler to do a courtesy fly-by.

Phaedo, hanging on...."



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