Does it get any better than this? 827 miles to go in the Transatlantic2011
race. Over the past few hours, Rambler100 has moved into the overall lead
fleet's start time has provided an much better weather window than the
fleets which started days before us), we made the very difficult decision
when to gybe (first time on port tack since tacking up to R4 after the start
Newport) a few hours ago - and since then, the wind has cooperated ... and

then some more good news, the Yellowbrick race tracker shows that our rival

(and current handicap leader) Puma has gybed on pretty much our 'line' after

giving up some precious miles as we sailed at the mark while they were still

heading to the SE on the other gybe. (that mileage gain is on paper only
is far from 'cashed in' ... it'll come and go all the way to the finish
to the lighter and tricker forecast for the next few days).

And then if things were not looking rosy enough, I went up to the
room/work area to grab a snack and saw my very favorite freeze dried food in
line up of lunches laid out for the crew. Chicken Tikka Masala by Fuizion

Freeze Dried Foods!!! I had one pack (we eat all our hot meals in
freeze dried packs) in the Jamaica Race last winter and loved it.. finally
food gods (aka "Juggy" Justin Clougher) included this tastiest of treats in
selection of lunch bags.. Ah the little things in life.

Peter Isler
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