> Position at 1600Z Fri 8 Jul: 47deg40 N, 29deg 50 W - that's about half way
> along a line from Newfoundland to Brittany.
> The last 48 hrs have been fast, with runs of over 200miles in each 24hrs.
> The crew are now very familiar with the boat, and happy about surfing with a
> kite in the fog and rain, at night. Hard work though - one 3-hr night watch
> changed sails from spinnaker to poled-out jib, to asymmetric spinnaker, to
> jib and then back to big spinnaker - and all in the pouring rain. Miserable
> stuff if being honest..Luckily yesterday was an opportunity to dry out.
> We're still surfing along on a beam reach with the kite at about 9 knots.
> Continuing concentration required.
> Attrition has been no more than expected. Spinnaker halyards have been
> chopped and re-spliced; spinnaker guy ends and a sheet have been chopped and
> tied, and one spinnaker has a repairable tear.
> Despite no fridge the rations are holding up well and the bread is still
> white. But the gas remains rationed for just 2 brews a day, the only
> concession being a slug of Baileys in the coffee for the night watch, if its
> cold, obviously....
> 1860 miles logged so far, with 992 to run. We passed the 30W meridian
> today, so our clocks have gone forward another hour, now GMT-1.
> As British Rail used to say, 'we're getting there'. Hmmm,
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