Concise 2, the smallest boat in the 2011 Transatlantic Race (40 ft), got off to a slow but steady start from Newport, RI. Having to drive extra miles north to stay in the wind after five days she picked up a good 20 knots of breeze and lit up.

She covered almost 400 miles in 24 hours and managed to get up to 6th place against the super yacht Maltese Falcon (289 Ft) and the some of the World’s fastest ocean racers including, Rambler and Leopard (100 ft).

All was set for a transatlantic record for her class that would have been hard to beat. Regretfully, Concise 2 and the boats around her ran out of luck and wind.

There was just no time to get round an unexpected high that emerged and now they are languishing in a hole, their record run in tatters, running short of food.

You can follow the trials and tribulations of all the yachts by going to our website where you can see pictures and videos straight

from the boat. (Watch Ned tackle a lobster pre-start).

Click on the TR11 logo on our homepage and that will take you to the real time tracker. See the boats positions and follow their progress.

Send the boys a message on Twitter or Facebook. They need a moral boost and some food.


Tony Lawson

Founder - Team Concise

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