> Just under 600 nautical miles to go to Lizard Point and we are making slow progress. The distance is comparable with the races we usually sail like Skagen Race, Middle Sea Race, Fastnet Race or other offshore racing classics. We all feel like in the last 50 miles of one of these races. Just a few hours to go and then a shower, a nice meal and a few beers in a nice restaurant. But distance wise there is still one of them to sail.
> The freeze dried meals start to repeat, you just eat because you need to eat. The navigators have to amend the ETA with every new routing.
> The boys are not tired about this race but they are looking forward to home, good food and the daily life.

> There is still everything to loose and a lot - not everything - to win. We stay focused and concentrated, trying to get the most out of the current weather situation.

> It feels like on the way home from work. The way would take you around 20 minutes. But on the road a lot is going on. Traffic jam, red traffic lights and an accident or a railroad passage.
> The best and only thing you can do in these situations. Take what you think is the fastest route and stay calm. Just get through and think about the place where you want to get. Don't think about the good days were the way takes you just 15 minutes. Don't even think about the days when it takes you 20 minutes like it always does. All these thoughts don't help, they make you nervous... on board VARUNA everybody is cool and relaxed. We talk a lot about the time after the race. We even talk about Fastnet Race which we gonna sail in five weeks. We are just not getting tired of offshore racing and everything that comes with it.
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