Nothing changed from yesterday. Flap flap flap go the sails....

The fleet gets squeezed on the last miles to the finish. The lucky ones
who got out of the high pressure system are almost home and the rest is
with us on the flat Atlantic.

The smaller and slower boats are still in the old pressure and managed
to get closer the last two days.

The navigators have no good news about the ETA. We even heard something
about started as such a fast journey.....Today we
stretched the food for the last three days to five. A new feeling on
deck. You know you have only two meals per day instead of three and you
are always hungry just because you know you can not eat whenever you
like. Especially in the light winds when there is not much work on deck
the main topic is food... a fresh baguette with tomato and cheese... a
medium steak with fries and a mixed salad with balsamic dressing...after
a while we change topic...flap flap topic: ETA... thursday
night...friday....sunday... back to food: a nice coffee or espresso and
a pretzel with butter...

You guys on land should think why are they complaining?
Thats right, nothing to complain about out here. The longer we are out
here there is no daily stress with work, uni and all the on land
problems. But probably we are already looking forward to the normal
life. As soon as we will be on land we will start to think about the
ocean. It's like I mentioned yesterday, always the opposite.
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