We have been trying to regain a new route since we missed our initial weather window due to our mast repair delay. With that 5 hour delay,  we could not get ahead of the trough and was caught by the hole it left us to sail through.

This allowed our fleet to ail away from us for the first 3 days. then we got his by a series of squals , some blowing as high as 47 knots. we managed to get though with out significant damage. Finally after heading SE until yesterday we are getting on rum line. Averaging 10 knots now we are begining to cut down the distance from the leaders. Slowly, but there is still alot of distance to go for everyone and everyone owes us time. The boat isn't called Perseverance for nothing.

Breana has fit in with the crew well, holding her own on her watch and enjoys driving when the Perevere is surfing with runs up to 15 knots for a few seconds. At first she was reluctant to wake up at 2am in the pouring rain doe a 3 hour watch, but she enjoys being part of the team and the Pelland boys have been entertaining the whole crew (Wess Pelland & Mike Pelland (cousins)) so the shifts go by quickly with laughter to their yarns. Breana really enjoys the comaradity and fellowship of sailboat racing.

Wausabi has been taken in by the crew and enjoys climbing over the sails below and snuggling up with whomever is off watch. the crew has set up several strings from the hand holds that sway with the boat for her to attack through out the day.

All & All Perevere is sailing well , and sailing safe and fast to lower the gap she has with the fleet. We shall see next week if perseverance pays off    

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