Evening team

A very quick note to say all is well.

The race between ourselves and Carina is really tight and there is really nothing in it right now. Its going to go to the wire. Every time we get a new schedule of results there is under 0.1% between the two boats on corrected time.

Most of yesterday we were either 0.02% or 0.01% behind!

This is under half a mile I am told!

What is bemusing us more is that Rambler is going slower than us due to being in some very light conditions. Not ideal for them and maybe Carlo and Ross are going to win their bet?

Today has been flat and calmer so we took the opportunity to sort the boat out, dry out our kit and be ready for the next band of rain which is forecast in the next few days.

Our current ETA to the finish line is Monday afternoon. The finish line is off Lizard point in cornwall. There is then the coastal race back to Cowes. We are hoping to be back in Cowes Tuesday evening.

Thank you for the continued support. We are are unable to read the SO facebook page directly so apologies if you have left a message and we havent got back to you.

Happy Hump Day
Kirsty and Team SO

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