Long and frustrating day both yesterday and all last night but we got the fat bottomed girl moving a bit better in light air.  Yes we were drifting at times.  But we are going much better overall in under 6 knots since the boat was launched.  It is so much about sea state.  We had no oncoming waves when it was really light and it made a huge difference in overall performance.

Got out to about 44 mile lead on Rambler at one stage last night but then the yo yo happened and we had to sail up and around a high pressure bubble that was dissipating, but none the less it was obvious on the grib files and right in our path (very little wind).  For us it was much more of an issue than for the  Rambler as by being there sooner we had to sail many more miles to get around it.  But that is life in the ocean.  Rambler reeled us in as we entered the edge of the high pressure as expected and now we are FINALLY out on the other side heading for the ice gate. They will be able to cut the corner of the bubble of light wind and have a much better angle sailing to the ice gate.  Currently we are in about 15 knots of wind essentially close hauled on starboard tack with 270 miles to go to the southwest corner of the gate.  Then we bear off and head toward England, finally, and the breeze starts to increase with a broad reach and run in strong winds.  If all goes well we should pretty much take that breeze to the finish. 

Waiting now to see how far we can extend on Rambler before she gets out of the light air.  Can we extend enough to keep our 40 something mile lead as she reaches faster to the gate?  Only through the eyes of our guardian angel is this known.

All good onboard.  Team great.  Standard ridiculous stories being told.

It’s good to be offshore. 

Hope all is well in the real world.

Kenny Read Skipper, Comanche

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