Fair Winds, Smooth Sailing

At this writing, Shearwater is less than 100 miles to the west of the Azores. We're making for Horta, a port on the SE side of the island of Faial. From here, Shearwater will spend the summer cruising western Europe and coastal Africa before crossing to the Caribbean in late fall.

As this site (and these blogs) are focused on the TransAtlantic Race 2015, we feel it fitting that we end our blog here. For those boats/teams who have finished, congratulations - we raise a pint to you. For those still racing, best of luck and fair winds; we wish we were among you.

We'd like to thank the TransAtlantic Race 2015 Committee, sponsors, the New York Yacht Club and Royal Yacht Squadron, Royal Ocean Racing Club and the Storm Trysail Club for conducting a well run race. We'd also like to tip our hat to our ground crew - Laurie, Janet and Liz - for providing exceptional support, especially in light of our little "diversion".

As to our competitors, hopefully, we'll see you next spring for the Newport-Bermuda race or at the next TransAtlantic race.

Shearwater out.

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