We had to withdraw from the coastal race because of a big tear in the main.  We are all grateful it held till after we finished the TR.

We are motoring on to Cowes.  We should get there around 6:30pm local.

Here is a post about the amazing Prospector.



In spite of being becalmed for nearly two days early in the race, the MOD 70 trimaran Phaedo3 owned by owner/driver Lloyd Thornburg has crossed the finish line off the southwest coast of England to record the fastest elapsed time (unofficial) in the 2,800 mile Transatlantic Race. Thornburg, co-skipper Brian Thompson, and the rest of the crew’s elapsed time of  7 days, 2 hours, 4 minutes, 9 seconds was well ahead of the other fast boats that started in Newport, Rhode Island last Sunday including Jim Clark’s 100-foot sled Comanche, George David’s Rambler 88, and Peter Aschenbrenner’s 63-foot trimaran Paradox. And since Phaedo3 was able to average speeds in the high 20’s once the wind filled in, they’re the 7th boat to finish overall and they came in well ahead the majority of the fleet that started a week before they did.

Good morning my sofa sailors

Its 1.15am Sunday morning and its dark, its really really dark. There is no moonlight or stars. Ross and Matt are driving the boat by their senses and years of experience. We are using the force to manage the boat. We have the A7 up which is a small robust kite. She is powering us along at an average of 10.8kts.

We have under 190miles left to go to to..........

Just under 350 miles to go. We finally figured out our speed problem, but it may be too late. A large piece of heavy duty plastic as well as some other junk was wrapped around the keel. I should have known, but it takes a lot to back the boat down. We have to douse the spinnaker and secure it to the deck, point the boat into the wind, sail backwards for a bit and then get going in the right direction again and then put the spinnaker back up. We should have done it when we noticed the speed difference, anyway, it's out and the speed is back, but we have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully, there will be a park up before the finish and we will have a shot at catching Dragon.

Good evening sports fans - I'm normally a pretty quiet and reserved guy, but the boys have asked me to contribute to the Dorade blog, so I'm going to give it a shot.

I'll start with the facts:

We are approximately 180 nautical miles from the finish at the Lizard. Dorade time is 1630 EST. Our primary competition for longer than I care to contemplate has been Carina and Scarlet Oyster; both very well sailed boats. At the moment Scarlet Oyster has about 20 nautical miles to go, which should have them finishing within the next three hours; when they do we'll have a benchmark time and know exactly when we have to finish to preserve our second-place standing in the class.

Fair Winds, Smooth Sailing

At this writing, Shearwater is less than 100 miles to the west of the Azores. We're making for Horta, a port on the SE side of the island of Faial. From here, Shearwater will spend the summer cruising western Europe and coastal Africa before crossing to the Caribbean in late fall.

Aphrodite continues along at a not so fast pace averaging 6.5kts under the few remaining sails available; storm trysail, storm jib and staysail.  Last night in 20 kts of true wind we flew our #2 which was pretty well torn up about 9 days ago and on which Sheila and Sam diligently stitched in major panels around the numerous delaminations.  Despite a hole in the middle of the sail about two feet square, the sail did not disintegrate and gave us another knot of boatspeed over the storm jib, which of course has the very attractive orange sections. 

As our bottle of apple flavoured Tesco's washing up liquid nears its end, so is a voyage that commenced for one last year, for others mid May and for the remainder late June.

Grey Power crossed the finish line of the Trans-Atlantic Race due South of the Lizard at 10 hours,

11 minutes, 07 seconds GMT. This is an elapsed time for the race of ten days, 15 hours, 41, minutes and 7 seconds (We think!)

Grey Power crossed the finish line of the Trans-Atlantic Race due South of the Lizard at 10 hours, 11 minutes, 07 seconds GMT. This is an elapsed time for the race of ten days, 15 hours, 41, minutes and 7 seconds (We think!)


Grinding is what an athlete does when they don’t have their best stuff.  A baseball pitcher who is working to get outs on a day when he isn’t in top form.  A golfer working to post a low score when she her swing is off just a little.  A sailor trying to get the most out of his yacht when sailing conditions aren’t ideal.

They told me I must put a few thoughts for the blog together or not come to the Cowes crew party even though I help pay for it-tough love Prospector style.  I’m the oldest crew and that along with what seems to be the deepest off-shore/distance racing experience (except for Henry, Tery and Quinn) grants me the Watch Captain title along with Paul. 

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