Wednesday, July 15, 1115 UTC. Another gray day with some chance of sun peeking through the clouds. Winds are soft at about 10 knots but we are making decent time with a boat speed of 6 knots. Sheila has done a great job of keeping us in good winds for the entire race.

There were just a few instances of the doldrums and no wind. The delaminated main, so lovingly repaired by the crew aboard, has been giving a little help but with two reefs to prevent some of the major tears below the second reef from spreading yet still supply some drive.

Ein Tief beim Trans Ocean Race haben wir noch und das bereitet viel Arbeit. Bis zur Ansteuerung des Englischen Kanals beschäftigen uns folgende Auswirkungen der Warmfront vor dem Tief: Wechselhafter SW-Wind, Nebel, Sprühregen und diesiges Wetter. In der

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