Day 1 Aegir

Day 1 - Aegir

We are on the train!! 
Our navigator, Mike Broughton, in his pre-race spiel had likened our exit out of Newport to that of catching a train, in the sense that there was a passing front travelling west to east, and the timing of our start would likely enable us to jump on the second to last carriage and hang on for as long as we could to the good breeze.  So I'm happy to report that we made the train!  Mike also described the first 24hrs as wet and busy, well 12hrs in and we're wet but not so busy, We've been lucky that the breeze has held out of the south more or less, giving us reaching, straight-line conditions as we head east. It's certainly nice to be going fast and in the right direction with flat water, albeit a little soggy! 
02:00 Boat time. Off to my penthouse suite, aka the fore peak!
Abby Ehler

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