Aegir Day 3

Day 3 - Aegir

The washing machine!
Following our first night at sea in relatively benign seas and moderate winds, we have been treated to a night of washing machine conditions as we negotiate the Gulf Stream.  Very confused seas, warm water, shifty, and puffy breeze, needless to say we've had a couple of people feeling worse off for the hot wash and spin cycle conditions! Clarke, our skipper, likened it to a bucking bronco ride. 
It's been a difficult race to route so far, as the weather systems are more complex at this time compared to 'normal' summer more simplistic systems. We're trying to position ourselves advantageously to the low pressure system which is advancing on us, whilst making gains on the Gulf stream which doesn't run in a straight line west to east, so with the wind predominantly out of the south, it's been a game of playing port or starboard tack as the wind shifts and tide rate dictate.  In terms of the competition we can see that Wizard have been playing a similar game, making gains in the Gulf Stream, whilst Scallywag have taken a northern flyer which doesn't tie in with any of our routing, especially with the ice gate limits being so far south. I'm thinking their Yellow brick tracker may have been hijacked by a migrating pigeon! Time will tell! As I'm writing this it's roughly 1pm UK time on Thursday 27th June, sea conditions are abating, and we're re-grouping and tidying up after last nights bronco riding.  One concerning issue is our water-maker, which we've found out doesn't like making water despite being 'operated on' by our boat captain Romain Mouchel. Second operation is booked later today. Therefore our water-making has been fruitless so far and as a precaution we are using our emergency hand water pump to make water in the interim.  When you're 14 people on board, drinking water needs certainly add up. Despite all this, the sun is shining, morale is high and we're making fast miles in the right direction. Go Aegir! 
Abby Ehler

Written by : Guest

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