Aegir update - Watch Out - Here Comes the Murphy's

Watch Out - Here come the Murphy's!

Growing up in a sailing family, the Murphy children have always dreamed of exciting offshore adventures. For the last three transatlantics ('05, '11, '15), we have anxiously and excitedly sent our dad off from Newport, tracking him every day until we greeted and hugged him on the docks with some cold beers for the crew!
Finally, all old enough to begin our own adventures, the four children hatched a mutiny at home if we were not allowed to sail away too! 
All of us will compete in different parts of the AORS ­-- Caitlin, Liam and Devon on the Transatlantic Race and Morgan in the Middle Sea Race. With three kids on this transatlantic, dad's dream has definitely become mom's nightmare!
We are loving it and having an incredible experience getting to join our dad in something we all love to do and sharing such a fun and different environment. With a mix of pro sailors aboard Aegir, we have already learned so much transitioning from our weekend family cruises and dinghy sailing to offshore racing. Like any family, we have our competitive streaks that have followed us to the water. But sharing advice on trimming, sail handling, and helming, we are helping each other to learn as well. A team on and off the water.
As we continue east, story telling and jokes at the expense of other crew members keep everyone laughing and spirits high.  The breeze has finally moved aft, with our spinnaker up we are on course for Cowes!

-Caitlin Murphy & Devon Murphy


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