Pata Negra - the corner awaits

After pushing North to get in more current yesterday against the wind, we eventually cracked sheets and reached off towards the southern ice gate point. The sky cleared and with no moon, the full glory of the Milky Way galaxy showed through. There are sooooo many starts it even looks like a glowing cloud when you see it offshore. As we're coming to the end of the Gulf stream currents, the water temperature is steadily dropping and back to mid layers on deck.

By the time I got up, the kite was up, the sea flat, sun shining and a few hours of boat maintenance was underway. Andy did a full rig inspection and we needed to fix the chaff cover on the main halard, Aladin fixed the Jib tack and those with the skills were making a stack of soft shackles (the younger ones!).

Plan currently is to get around this imaginary mark deep in the ocean and then head North to avoid an ever growing Azores High pressure. Our friends ahead seems to already have good breeze and we so want this. What's positive is the majority of the course ahead looks off the wind which will be good for our "sensitive" J2 and the general dynamics of this boat as it really likes it off the wind. It also means it will be much more comfortable below deck.

With the nasty sea state last night and the fridge door giving me a small flesh wound, we had Freeze Dried food last night.... Some love these meals, some don't, but they are amazing when conditions are not good. You serve directly from the bag, so apart from a few spoons, there is no washing up either. They also make a hot water bottle if you're cold whilst they rehydrate.

We're just about to have hot dog rolls with freshly cooked onions for lunch by Alice...Then tonight will be Lamb shank. Totally spoiled!

There is a "Lazy Bones" bean bag on board which is made by Scarlett's dad's business in Antigua. Its by far the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on and its made from recycled polystrene collected around the island and shreaded with a garden shreader... good for absolutely everyone! I wondered why many have been fighting over the berth with it in for the last few nights. I'm sold if he ever expands internationally!

Chris on Pata Negra (covered in sea salt and chilled overnight!)

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