Aegir Day Six


As we begin day six aboard the luxury cruiser Aegir, spirits are high despite the clouds rolling in. The music and hawaian shirts have been traded for foul weather gear and warm layers, but laughter continues to flow through the boat throughout night and day. The only benefit of grey skies is that the task of applying sunscreen can be removed from the pre-watch routine.

Mealtimes have steadily grown earlier and earlier as Tim Davis our Aussie watch-leader creeps down into the galley area drawn by whatever is cooking on the stove. Whilst he claims he is simply checking up on our navigation, he always seems to reappear with the first bowl of food. Chocolate is in high demand and it pays to check up on the snack bag at regular intervals to see what our chef Amy Dawson has most recently added from deep hiding.
At midnight last night we sang Happy Birthday to Budgie as he celebrates his 26th birthday. He seemed quite content as he set the new boat record of 20.2 knots, and his words while surfing down wind as the clock turned to twelve sums up the present mood onboard Aegir - "It doesn't get much better than this!"

-Liam Murphy

Written by : Guest

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