Pata Negra - the 19 knot club gets formed

Today there's a real feeling of deja vu. Once again awoken by the

boat cavitating over the waves as 8 tonnes of yacht lifts and turns

into a surf board. The roar of water and the screams of joy on the

deck as the boat pushes past previous records and on to 19.92 knots.

Once again Andreas at the helm. When I came up there's a mood of

delight as he leaps in front of me and taunts me that the record is

his! Although he came on as a bowman, there's no doubt Andreas has

talent and like the other younger crew members has done nothing but

sail... Sailing is their life, their passion and their job.

Andreas has been working in the US for a charity linked to sailing and

is soon embarking on a M32 campaign with some friends. He's very

experienced at foiling, where the sail boat lifts on a hydrofoil out

of the water so extreme speeds can be achieved and doing this crossing

I did wonder how long it will be before someone “foils” across the

atlantic far faster than a ship or power boat could do it.

We've done over 1,000 miles now under A sail and without a gybe or

tack. The boat seems familiar healed to port and we're all used to

the noise of rushing water past the hull. We know in a few days

though that will change. This morning was thick thick fog. You

could see about 80 metres in all directions and we knew from AIS there

were various ships near us. Good thing they could see us on their

AIS too.

Route planning is getting very stressful for Rob. Out of the models

we are downloading, they show a preference to go North to avoid the

high pressure ahead but this adds huge distance what we must sail.

How much do you trust a particular forecast and how far out can it be

accurate? So we're taking a middle ground but for those following the

tracker, this demonstrates why Teasing Machine and others have sailed

over 100 miles North of us. They're faster so they get impacted

harder by the high pressure whilst the slower boats behind can take a

more direct route on a new depression coming across the Atlantic.

We're close to 1200 miles to the finish, just a couple of Fastnet


Food planning is getting tighter.... I'm trusting this PC Routing

software to get it right that we don't go hungry... Off to serve up

Lentil soup and pizza pieces.

Chris Hanson on Pata Negra... wondering how I get my record back?

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