Pata Negra - 999 miles to go!

We've just clocked under 1,000 miles to the finish (though we will

have to sail further than that). Mark Griffin's daily ask is “how far

is it to Fastnet Rock?”, so if you ever see him in Australia when he

gets back, don't forget to ask him that! Its 675 miles right now and

on our routing.

Today saw the first sail change for nearly 4 days. As the wind has

dropped from 20knots to 14 knots we've changed up to an A4 kite and

are moving along nicely at 10 knots boat speed. Yesterday saw the

last of the higher winds and with an added swell it was great surfing

conditions. Just as Andreas came on deck, I got my revenge with the

support of Jens' and Andy's grinding and James' trimming we pushed

down 2 waves to reach a new trip high of 21.04 knots in just 22 knots

of wind.... have to love this boat! To get this record with Andreas

watching just added a new level to our “speed sparing”.... we're not

competitive at all!

Last night was truly dark. With this endless cloudy sky the

phosphorescence in the water was great. We were joined by a pod of

dolphins in the night which glow like a salvo of torpedos as they zoom

along besides us... its an amazing sight. Aladin found a selection

of baby shrimp on deck this morning showing exactly where these

sparkles of green come from.

We're now able to dry things out a bit inside the boat and sleep is

being recouped after a few days where we need more than 4 on deck. It

would be great if this current wind holds, but it looks like we will

have a very slow weekend of only 10 knots of wind and Monday looks

very light. Seems the only way to get around this high is to ask

someone to move Ireland and Cornwall out of the way.... (clearly been

drinking the salt water).

Andy's work never stops – he's sorting out the next charter's

requirements, researching which relay is required to replace one

that's failed (we've had some battery charging issues) and he's just

done a full chafe check around the boat. With a very tight

turnaround for the RORC Cowes Dinard race, he wants to make sure its

right... either that or he really wants the Moule Frites when he gets


Alice made a fantastic lunch after her watch on deck and which brought

sail change planning to a standstill when I walked into the cabin

holding one of the tasty wraps... Butternut & Kale Dal with Rice for

dinner. But for now, the music's on deck, the coffee is flowing and

its all smiles.

ETA at Cowes is currently Early Thursday... however who knows what

will happen with this high pressure ahead.

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