Aegir Updte - Land Ho!

Land Ho! We have finally arrived in England to be greeted with gorgeous weather and very little wind! We passed the Isles of Scily, and our first land sighting in almost two weeks, at 9:00 Monday morning and have slowly been making our way up the English Channel over the past 24 hours. 
To everyone's excitement, last night brought us the first cloudless night and incredible stars of the passage following an amazing sunset. We have been sailing with a light headsail and just switched to a Code Zero as we try to beat the tide change up the Channel so we don't have to drop anchor!
While we are all questioning the last time we saw a wave.  
With calm conditions, we  were able to send a few first timers up the mast to look for breeze and even catch sight of a shark from the top of the rig. Despite careful rationing, as we approach fifteen days at sea, we have unfortunately run out of our much appreciated (and highly contested) chocolate supply. As we very slowly make our way towards the Needles, we are praying for a steady breeze and hopeful for a finish tonight.

Caitlin Murphy

Written by : Guest

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