Pata Negra - Lands (End) Ahoy!

Im typing this from the foredeck on my mobile phone instead of the computer for the Satcom as I look out forwards towards lands end. With the very flat Scilly Isles to Starboard and a unfortunate view of Lucy Georgina (good for them!) behind us. Its been fascinating watching the fleet squash up as we enter the English Channel because of the huge high pressure that runs from here to the Azores. Weve had the advantage of advanced routing software but it still cant move a high pressure system out of the way! Focus remains on every 0.1 of boatspeed but there is a relaxed feel on the boat in the Cornish sunshine. Watches have allowed plenty of sleep and with the boat now dry and nearly empty of food, its a civil place with a crew that has really gelled over the last two weeks. At sunrise this morning we were delighted to see a pod of dolphins who were only too keen to entertain as we moved along at 6 knots. Rob is busy now at the chart table as we work our way towards the 4 mile gate at Lands End. Its used for records, but that wont be applicable in our case after the drifting of the last few days. Hopefully well get some tide advantage but Andy has assembled the light kedge anchor if we need it. Not looking forward to pulling that up on a boat of 8 tonnes! Just off to make soup for the last time with baked bread. Dinner is going to be a leftover special and then to freeze dried tomorrow. Feel free to send messages back now were off the Satcomm if you wish. Chris Chris Hanson 07801452205 Sent from a mobile device so may be brief!


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