CHARISMA | Day 15 - tricky job

When I was over in Cheyenne I saw the Super Computer Centre where it is believed they are doing the calculations for the weather forecast we are then receiving. Unfortunately within the last days the forecast did rarely fit the weather we had out here. 

But we do not want to blame them to much as the European model and forecasts did not fit either. We can imagine the job can be tricky with the input data at hand and we in general admire and appreciate the work done and data sent out by you folks. 

But on the other hand we are one of the once who have to live it and those who are getting either wet or stuck so a small complaint may be allowed. Nevertheless my watch is coming up soon so I have to dress up and go out and grab the bull’s horns - I mean I take the helm and go east north east. 

Cheers from CHARISMA, Karl

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