Pata Negra - The Last Leg (and post!)

We’re now mid way between Start Point and Portland Bill with the A2 spinnaker up gybing downwind with our nemesis of Lucy Georgina! They’ve done brilliantly since catching us back up a few days ago and we can’t shake them off, even after a drifting match around Start Point. We can’t figure out how we can get 9 hrs back on them so we believe the victory will be theirs and well deserved. The boat is in clean up mode to try and lower the workload on Andy before the Cowes Dinard race tomorrow morning. We’re down to the snack box and Freeze Dried (fridge empty!) and some have started packing gear. Today the weather is stunning without a cloud in the sky... would be nice to have a little more wind. Rob and Griff have just hoisted the J3 over me whilst I lay on the foredeck typing this! Immigration is hopefully being sorted though we will have to wait for clearance due to having Aussies on board - who’d want to let them back in!!! ;) Scarlett & Alice are working through the options for their weekend before jetting off to catch up on a Yacht Delivery to Italy on a 35m yacht... don’t expect their crew will smell like ours. Early this morning, Alice was woken to the sound of the X files theme tune, blacked out cabin and a really bad imitation of an alien abduction by Andres... topping out the different ways he’s attempted to wake his watch buddy this trip. Their sparring could go on for months if we wanted to carry on for a while. For the sports mad out there... Rob has added a 25 mile Strava segment mid Atlantic if anyone wants to try and beat it... This trip has been a perfect balance of drive to win whilst having fun, telling stories, getting to know each other better and looking after the boat. Clearly missed Giles from being on board but it’s been a blast. A quick thank you to Jens for covering so many of my watches... there’ll be no one to cover for on the solo sailing ambitions! Thanks for reading and and the kind feedback.... hopefully given you a feel of life on board during the Transatlantic 2019 race. Recommend it to anyone (with a few weeks to spare) ? Chris - Pata Negra blogging signing out!


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