Pata Negra Pre-Start Report

Pata Negra is pretty well ready for the race now after a few very busy days by the crew under the leadership of Andy Lis (Skipper).  Jens & Rob have been stars driving all around the town as we got all ready as there is always something/someone needs getting somewhere.  Although it was a busy day, a few of us were able to watch the fantastic flag raising / cannon from the New York Yacht Club at 8am (exactly) who are hosting this incredible race.

11am today we'll set off.... I'll send you all updates as we go, but to save distraction and the satellite costs, please don't reply.

Attached are photos of Pata Negra (sitting stern to on a NYYC mooring), the incredible club house at Newport and our table at the dinner last night.

Chris on Pata Negra