Aegir update - What we miss

What we Miss

We are now getting this feeling of approaching the land but although we are undoubtedly getting closer, looking at the chart every five minutes and counting down the miles.  We also face some strong frustrations that the last few days are stretching , sailing slow in low winds around the huge high pressure that is blocking and slowing our progress. Light winds bring big wind fluctuations and play with our patience and skills to make good progress on the water... 

It is very challenging for our tactician Budgie and especially our navigator Mike Broughton who on top of that lost satellite connection re-setting the computer, with the pressure of the crew to take a decision based on a latest weather updates and wind shifts!

Despite all these little issues I do believe that we are sailing well and the ambiance onboard is still at his best with the whole crew... time for a few old salty stories and jokes around a well deserved cup of coffee or tea prepared by our 'Frenchy' coffee specialist Julien Le Duff!

So here we are, sailing VMG as fast as we can to reach the Lizzard gate, thinking that life is pretty nice out here but looking forward to the arrival in Cowes and planning what we have most missed on the ocean... wine, beer, mobile phones and even Facebook?! Definitely running water!
Mmmmhhh.... Certainly a bit of all but really, not that much... Life is really sweet out here!!!

Youri Loof