Aegir update - Murphy's Law by Liam Murphy

As we continue the journey across the Atlantic, we have been faced with low winds and grey skies. The winds have been on a steady decline for the last few days with some brief puffs. Last night we had a couple of hours at 15 knots, but the wind soon grew light once again. Murphy's Law has dictated that every time we change the chute, occasionally the wind favors the one we just took down. While our pace has slowed significantly since the first half of the race, we are enjoying our time at sea, and there is still plenty of laughter. Due to the fact that the conditions around us have not been lining up with the charts, we sent someone up the mast to look for wind from a better vantage point. This more traditional method for seeking wind has proven successful for the short term as we continue to make our way towards the finish line.

We have seen plenty of wildlife the last three days as we sail through pods of dolphins and whales. It is especially spectacular at night when they are highlighted by the glowing phosphorescence in the water. 

Congratulations to Wizard and Scallywag on their finish, and we hope to see you soon in Cowes.
Liam Murphy