Vanquish, STP 65 and the former Money Penny, crewed by the All American Offshore Team starts today on a line crowded with the Rambler, Leopard, Beau Geste and other giants of racing. The crew aboard has an average age of 23 and most of the team falls between 19 and 25, and is from over 7 states ranging from Hawaii, to Michigan, to Rhode Island. There are 15 crew members, two females, and one media member. The team comes from a diverse background of college sailing, dinghy racing, skiff sailing, and offshore keel boat racing forming the first of many All American Offshore Teams.

The group has been working since May to make the Vanquish ocean worthy and since the team was selected in April it has been a whirl wind of activity for this promising collection of American sailors. The Newport Shipyard has gotten used to seeing the young group working late in the yard and today and the team is ecstatic to get out on the water and into the Atlantic ocean.

To see pictures and video of the summer racing and boat work the team has accomplished so far checkout their website: or their facebook page: All American Offshore Team

(thanks so much for all of your help, We are sooo excited to get out on the water. Molly Robinson)

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