Excerpt from TR 2015 Notice of Race (v. 10-22-13)

4.3 Crew Eligibility and Responsibility

4.3.4 OSR Section 6 - Training: At least 50% but not fewer than two members of a crew, including the Skipper, shall have undertaken training within the five years before the start of the race in both OSR 6.02 topics for theoretical sessions, and OSR 6.03 topics, including practical, hands-on sessions.

4.3.5 OSR 6.05 - Medical Training: At least two members of the crew shall hold a current Senior First Aid Certificate or equivalent and should be familiar with the management of medical emergencies that may occur at sea including hypothermia, and radio communications operations for obtaining medical advice by radio. Each of these crew members shall also have undertaken the training required by OSR 6.01.

Listings for training certified training courses may be found at the following links:

International Safety at Sea Seminars

US Safety at Sea Seminars

Please note these are updated when new seminar dates become available.

Additional Safety at Sea Seminars:

The following training seminars are tentatively being scheduled at New York YC Harbour Court prior to the first start for TR2015 competitors still needing the required training. Space will be limited and registrations will be taken in order of submission of the online Training & Medical Information Form that each competitor is required to complete and submit no later than June 1, 2015.

Wednesday  June 24  Safety-at-Sea Classroom Seminar  covering OSR 6.02 theoretical topics
Thursday  June 25  Safety-at-Sea Hands-on Seminar  covering OSR 6.03 practical topics
Friday  June 26  Medical Training  covering OSR 6.05 medical topics



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