Transatlantic Race 2019 Tracking & Media Information Sheet

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Media Contact:

Stuart Streuli
NYYC Communications Director
+1 (401) 608-1128

For Competitors Only

This document contains a comprehensive look at the tracking and the media/PR planned for the Transatlantic Race 2019. A race of this nature depends heavily on the participants for proper media coverage. Your support of our media effort is invaluable. Below we outline how you can contribute to the coverage of this great event. A separate document details how your friends and family can follow the race.

The team leading the PR effort for the Transatlantic Race 2019 includes:
Stuart Streuli, Communications Director, New York Yacht Club (​)
Sean McNeill, PR Manager (​)
James Boyd, Race Reporter (​​)
Trish Jenkins, UK Press Coordinator (​​)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact NYYC Communications Director Stuart Streuli at ​ or +1 401-864-0511. Good Luck.

YellowBrick Tracking Links

Full Tracker
HTML Leaderboard
*Recent versions of Expedition have a YB Tracking option which requires this code: tr2019
Google Earth (KML)
Text Leaderboard (all classes)

Race Media

Website: ​

Facebook Page: ​

Twitter: ​@NYYC_org

Instagram: ​@nyyc_regattas

Hashtags: #TR2019 #nyycregattas

Boat Blogs

One of the most successful press initiatives for the Transatlantic Race 2015 was the ability for each boat to send regular blog posts, including photos, to the event website. We use these posts for press releases and social media and they are well read by the large audience that follows the race. We have upgraded the system this year so that blogs can be published without being reviewed by a member of the press team. The system will go live on Sunday, June 23.

The address you will send to is: ​

To prevent unauthorized posts, we must first authorize the email address from which you will be sending your updates. Please send that to ​

We will notify you when authorized. If you wish to send test messages, just tell us and we'll delete them for you after you've viewed.

You can include photos in your email as attachments. Please keep individual file sizes to less than 1 megabyte, and limit the total number of images per email to no more than 6. Your mid-atlantic email provider may have smaller limits already in place.

Note that if you have a footer on your email, that will be included in the post. If your footer contains information you do not want to be publicly viewable, remove the footer before sending. We will review all posts daily, but that could be 12 hours or more after being posted.

Uploading Photos & Video

We will gratefully use any photos or video that can be sent our way both in our real-time coverage of the race and any post-race reports. The easiest way to upload photos or video is to use this Dropbox file request link:

You do not need a dropbox account. Simply click on the link and upload your files. If you can organize them in a folder with your boat name that will help us keep track of which content comes from which boat.

If you prefer email email, please send to ​​ or

Press Releases

Sunday through Thursday, we will be sending out a race update written by veteran sailing journalists James Boyd or Sean McNeill. Sean McNeill will cover the first week and James Boyd the second week.

The goal is for the on-duty reporter to speak to three crews each day and will set this up via email 24 hours in advance. We have reserved a window of 1100 to 1200 UTC daily for our reporters and the boats to connect as this will enable us to distribute the press release by 1600 UTC (noon, U.S. East Coast time).

Since the rhythm of ocean racing doesn’t always look kindly on rigid schedules, we are asking the competitors to contact Sean or James at your convenience during this hour-long window on their mobile phones, Sean +1 401 662 1501, James +44 7710 109 386.

Please feel free to call Sean or James at any time with urgent news. If for any reason a phone call is impossible, you can email Sean at ​ or James at ​ (or, if your yacht is suitably equipped, skype: seanmcneill345 or jamesboyd007). We understand that SatPhone time is expensive. We expect these calls to be very quick.

Boat Schedule

During the first week of the race, please endeavour to contact Sean McNeill (m: +1 401 662 1501, e: ​, Skype: seanmcneill345) on the following days between 1100 and 1200 UTC:

D1, Jun 26: Wizard, Triple Lindy, Hiro Maru
D2, Jun 27: SHK Scallywag, Aegir, Teasing Machine
D3, Jun 28: The Kid, Pata Negra, Carina
D4, Jun 29: Wizard, Lucy Georgina, Charisma
D5, Jun 30: Fearless, Kiva, True
D6, Jul 1: Wizard, Triple Lindy, Hiro Maru

Beginning July 2, please contact James Boyd (M: +44 7710 109 386, e: ​, Skype: jamesboyd007) on the following days between 1100 and 1200 UTC:

D7, Jul 2: SHK Scallywag, Aegir, Teasing Machine
D8, Jul 3: The Kid, Pata Negra, Carina
D9, Jul 4: Wizard, Lucy Georgina, Charisma
D10, Jul 5: Fearless, Kiva, True

Post-Race Coverage

Once you hit land, we’d love to hear more about your race. Content from the boats (words, pictures or movies) are invaluable when it comes to preserving the legacy of the event and promoting future edition. To upload content after you have finished either use the dropbox link above or contact Stuart Streuli (​ or +1 401-608-1128)

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