With the Transatlantic Race 2011 taking considerably longer than the historic weather data suggested, food is starting to become more than just the most spoken about subject! We brought food for the expected twelve days, with three days extra supplies ‘just in case’. However today is day twelve and although the finish seems to be in touching distance, our routing software is predicting a late Friday finish.

So with the food now being rationed and only the undesirable meals left, the Concise crew have taken to a daily game of ‘fives’ to establish a eating pecking order. With the loser getting vegetable curry!!

Just to keep you in the loop, the last twelve days have consisted of Expeditions Food’s finest 800kcal freeze dried porridge for breakfast, followed by a series of boil in the bag meals for lunch and dinner.

To try and solve the food issues many an off watch hour has been spent creating fishing gear, in a (so far) rather fruitless attempt to catch something edible in the ocean waters we are sailing in.

The current fishing lure consists of:

1 Sail needle (bent to shape over a jet boil, with a barb cut in)

1 Outer cover of Marlow 6mm rope (purple and orange fleck, with ends frayed)

5 Strips of freeze dried porridge packaging (creates a silver and orange flash)

1 Piece of electrical tape (with two eyes drawn on)

1 50m spool of Dynema mouse line (with a 300kg breaking strain, just in case we catch a big one!)

2 M12 nuts (to keep the line below the surface)

The ironic thing is that Tony Lawson, the founder of Concise and an experienced fisherman, brought us a number of different lures and hooks. Unfortunately for us, these got left behind in Newport!

If anyone has access to a helicopter or plane please feel free to drop off 6 Aberdeen Angus ribeye steaks, with all the appropriate side dishes (preferably pre cooked, as I don’t really fancy our chances on the jet boil).


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