> Transatlantik 2011,
> Shakti Bordnachricht Nr.09
> Zeit im Rennen: 300 Stunden
> Windspeed: um 8 Knoten
> Beseglung: Groß, Cod' Zérô
> Bordzeit: 09:35 (12.07)
> Difficult Decisions.
> This is "Shakti" calling. As we never blogged throughout the race before,
> we just thought about sharing some of our thoughts with the ones following
> this race across the Atlantic ocean.

> As you all might have noticed: The days of fast, wet and wild sailing are
> counted and over. Being stuck in a high pressure system ever since was
> something we had to learn how to deal with, but for now, all good on
> "Shakti", as we are back to 9 Knots of boatspeed, heading east.
> In those light air conditions that we are facing at the moment, difficult
> decisions have to be made.

> Choose porridge over bread for breakfast? Do I want my scrambled eggs with
> tomatoes or bacon? Or should I just keep things simple in the morning,
> staying with plain coffee until dinner.

> Just to make myself clear: the decision doesn't get any easier by
> posponing it, having to choose out of a wide variety of high quality
> Farmer's Snack trecking meals. Aglio Olio, Penne Napoli or Noble Mushroom
> Stew - we still can't tell which tastes best.

> At least we ran out of "Rouladen". These German delicatesses made from
> beef which is being wrapped around a pickle and than served with potatoes
> and delicious sauce, gave us a really hard time, stressing our heads about
> red or white vine to chose for the "Rouladen".

> (Both, the red and the white, tasted really good but I would go for the
> red vine as it's flavour makes perfect harmony with the slight taste of
> bitter deriving from the pickle inside the Roulade)
> Hard times for offshore racers. Speaking of them, with "Varuna" being
> somewhere around our stern, the race might get intense over the last 350
> NM.

> Goodbye for now from Shakti,
> all the best,
> Ben for Shakti- Crew
> follow us on facebook: Shakti Racing
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